The Beginning

It was a normal Saturday morning. We were sitting in the kitchen, I was making pancakes and coffee. Newly a family of four, the day felt peaceful. We were talking about going apple picking that fall, and Jeff was showing William pictures and videos of what that would be like.

Jeff went upstairs to grab some wipes, taking our two-week-old son Benjamin with him. On the way downstairs, he tripped over Sam, our Golden Retriever and fell. He tried to catch himself, dislocating his shoulder and dropping our baby.

Things happened very quickly after that. Ben started screaming. Jeff went pale and I directed him to the couch. After a couple minutes I realized that this wasn’t just a small fall, and I called 911. The boys were transported to the local hospital where after letting them observe Ben for awhile Jeff & I insisted on a CT scan.

I will never forget the doctor telling me that there was a small bleed in Ben’s brain.

At that point, I really didn’t know what that meant. All I knew was that another ambulance was called, and Ben & I were transported to Children’s Hospital Colorado and their NICU.

I was two weeks postpartum with no more than a diaper bag. It was the beginning of the longest two weeks of our life and also the start of my journey as a special needs mom.

The Present

Ben is now two years old, William is four. The road has been hard. There’s no way around that. Each member of our family has been impacted. But we are thankful for the miraculous life of our sweet boy and have chosen to share our journey as we navigate our life as a family with nearly invisible special needs. Welcome to “I Dream of Naptime”.