A Letter to Our Younger Self

Dear Self,

I know you think you know it all, but as your 40-year old self, let me tell you. You don’t.

I wanted to share a few things with you to help protect your heart. I wish I knew all these things when I was 25. And even if you don’t listen, you’ll be ok. But if you do, you’ll be ok a lot sooner.

Spend less time in bars making bad decisions and more time on yourself. It’s ok to be alone. It’s ok to go to that wedding solo, and it’s ok to stay home on a Saturday night enjoying your own company.

Start saving. You don’t need all those clothes, you just don’t need all that “stuff”. Spend your money on experiences- they’re worth the investment in the memories you’ll make.

Don’t waste your time on men who don’t matter. If he doesn’t respect you enough to call you in advance or meet your family, he isn’t worth your energy. (Read this one twice).

Tell Mom you love her and that you appreciate everything she did for you. By the time you truly realize this she will be gone, and it will be too late. If you don’t believe me yet tell her for your 40-year old self. You’ll thank me for this later.

Put away your childhood now. It’s over. 

Respect yourself. Respect your body. Eat a little healthy. Stay active. The foundation you’re building today will go a long way.

You don’t need a huge social circle. Find a few girlfriends who will become your ride or die ladies and stick with you. Don’t ditch them every time some guy calls.

Learn now that you are enough. Forever and always. Just as you are.

Enjoy this time, self. Enjoy your time. Be you and do you. Someday your time will be someone else’s. A husband and two crazy kiddos. It’s another beautiful time, but you can’t get these days back. Use them to grow, use them to change, use them to just be you.

In love,

Your 40-year old self.

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