PLEASE, Potty!!

Recently, I wrote about our adventures in potty training for Reality Moms. Super sexy, right? It’s been a journey, for sure! But it’s a big struggle and milestone for parents and kids alike. To continue the conversation, here are some of my other favorite tips & tools for potty training.

Bribery. I’m not usually one for bribing my boys, but in order to get some quality potty time I got to the point that I would try anything.

Baby steps to poop. One of the tips I found for those kiddos afraid of the p word (poop!), was to put them in a diaper and have them poop on the potty while still in a diaper. We’ve done this as a transition, and it seems to help with the fear.

Potties, potties everywhere… We have a house with a main floor & an upstairs. Since you never quite know when the urge will hit, we have a potty on each floor. I like this one as it’s easy to clean and transport if need be.

Lastly- give yourself some grace. It’s ok if everyone else’s kid is potty trained and yours isn’t. He will be eventually. I rarely see parents out and about these days wearing a pull up, so I’m fairly confident in that one.

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