Choose Your Mama Words Wisely

I was in the car with my sons yesterday, and my youngest, Ben was losing his mind.  Like, Mom had to pull over and try to soothe him, tears everywhere, snot flying, losing. his. mind.  About halfway into the 30 minute drive home, my older son Will yelled, “Damnit Benny, the f&*king police will come!!”

I froze.

I knew immediately where he had heard that.  A few weeks prior, William was screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing an epic temper tantrum.  After several minutes of screaming, I told him to be quiet and that the entire neighborhood could hear him.  I uttered those very same words.  I was upset, and in the heat of the moment was trying to get him to be quiet with a very poor choice of words.

Sometimes, my language leaves a little to be desired.  I’ve cleaned it up a lot around the boys, but in my childhood household, there was a lot of yelling and swearing.  Unfortunately, that is something I have carried into adulthood, and it’s been a hard habit to break. I thought I was skating by with my naughty words because so far, so good- I’d never heard one repeated!

May the circle be broken…

As a Mom, I know that it’s important to be mindful of the things I say and do around my boys.  I truly *didn’t* realize, though (and I should have!), that one time is all it takes.  From this day in the car, I learned that it only takes one time to leave a lasting impression on these molding minds and to be so very mindful of my words.

It was a great lesson, for me & for Will.  I asked him where he heard that and he told me from his teacher.  I knew that was obviously untrue, and asked if he had heard me say it.  He told me yes, and I shared with him that it was a really terrible thing to say, that Mommy would never say it again and he shouldn’t either.

It’s one of the hard and beautiful things about raising children- we learn together.  ❤

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