I Quit!

I was texting with one of my girlfriends today and she asked me if I ever feel like just throwing in the towel.  She was having “one of those days”, and I felt a few different things.  One- YES!  Two- sadness because I know so well what those days feel like.  And three- an overwhelming desire to just hug her.  (Insert huge mama hug here)

Yes.  Yes, mama, yes!  When I’m running late because I lost the keys and Will is late to school and I’m late for Ben’s OT and I should be working anyway, and I can’t even remember if I brushed my teeth and I’m still judging myself for losing my s&*t on the little punk who was picking on Will last night…  And I want to try yet a new medication because I just feel sad?  I do feel that, friend.  Oh yes.  I judge myself, I give myself no grace and I want to quit.

And then I remember that I am doing the best I can.  The very best.  And that I need to show myself the love I show you when you tell me you want to quit.

So, thank you for sharing your bad day with me.  I love you, and I love me.  Sometimes I just need a bad day to remember why.

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